Nammatj 3 GT

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The best choice for any outing in any condition where low weight is of equal importance to strength, reliability, and roominess.

The Nammatj and its extended vestibule version, the Nammatj GT, are arguably our most versatile tents.


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Nammatj 3 GT specifications

Rec. Price€ 1 025
Weight4.00 kg / 8 lbs 13.1 oz
Net Weight3.30 kg / 7 lbs 4.4 oz
Inner tent Entrances1
Tent TypeTunnel
Extended VestibuleYes
MaterialKerlon 1800
ColorsGreen, Red, Sand
Height inner105 cm
Area inner3.4 m²
Area vestibule2.8 m²
Linked inner/outer tentsYes
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About Nammatj and Nammatj GT

The best choice for any outing in any condition where low weight is of equal importance to strength, reliability, and roominess. The Nammatj and its extended vestibule version, the Nammatj GT, are arguably our most versatile tents. Made with our Kerlon 1800 outer tent fabric and employing 10 mm poles, they are equal in strength and stability to our Keron models, but because of their single entrance and vestibule, they are impressively light in weight. They are exceptional choices for all season use in exposed and/or above tree line terrain, or for demanding, extended winter camping trips in extreme conditions, yet they are also easily light enough for long trips in more moderate climes. Both the Nammatj and the Nammatj GT models have smaller footprints then their Keron counterpart models, yet they have the same inner tent square footage, and so are excellent for limited-space sites such as narrow ridge lines or ledges. Both tents’ tunnel tent design is geared more for mobile adventures, where you pitch your tent every day, but both can be used quite effectively for base camp-oriented trips, as well.

Nammatj & Nammatj GT Users

The Nammatj and Nammatj GT are the masters of both high and low country, equally suited for a high altitude expedition or a weekend walk in the local hills. These robust all-season, all-arounders pitch quickly and easily, can be taken down and moved in a flash, yet are far stronger and lighter than any other tent in their class. Because of their superb weight to strength ratio and compact footprints, both the Nammatj and Nammatj GT have become immensely popular with extreme users, such as polar travelers looking to save weight, mountaineers doing remote routes in the highest ranges, professional guides, and military special forces teams. But these same characteristics are just as highly prized by more “regular” users, as well: backpackers, cycle and paddle tourers, and anyone needing maximum strength while reducing weight.

The remarkably versatile Nammatj

Since its introduction in 1982, the Nammatj has become one of our most popular tents. Little wonder, given that it is exceptionally strong yet surprisingly lightweight, and that its clever design affords superb ventilation and overall comfort. Even on very long trips in the most demanding conditions, the Nammatj excels. The Nammatj GT merely augments these traits with its capacious extended vestibule that’s ideal for gear sorting, group gathering and the like. Both versions are light enough for extended mobile adventures in any terrain or condition, yet both are also strong enough for some base camp use. In fact, the Nammatj and Nammatj GT have become the standard for high mountain use where absolute strength is essential, but where low weight is just as crucial. Both the Nammatj and the GT version have been enthusiastically embraced by mountaineers climbing in Alaska (especially on Denali), in the Alps, in the Himalayas, and in Patagonia. Both are often chosen by military units, again because of their unique blend of robust performance, generous space and light weight. And the Nammatj has become the tent of choice for use in Antarctica. The Polar Research Station at McMurdo supplies its scientists with Nammatj 3s, and Paul Landry, who literally makes his living by traveling the most extreme regions of both the South and North Pole (www., has used his Nammatj tents on numerous trips to the South and North Poles, to Greenland, and to other remote places. But everything that makes the Nammatj and Nammatj GT exemplars of expedition tents also make them ideal for less extreme use, as well. Their simplicity and strength make them perfect for anyone who wants a tent to take backpacking, cycle and paddle touring – or even car camping – and never have to worry about either the weight, the roominess, or the strength, and who wants excellent comfort and ventilation.

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